“…the comedians were very good. Very clever and funny how they were able to merge our stories into their act… [they were] brilliant and you could tell they were 5 steps ahead of us!”
"...everyone here is raving about how fun it was!!!!"
Comedian Kathleen Burns wears a wooly scarf and can be seen through a rainy window checking her diary to see if she is available for corporate performances on a specific date.
The Best Corporate Comedy in Christchurch

Perfuct Storm is a hilarious, sophisticated, and charming way for you to reward your staff, your clients, your social club, or even just yourself.
Bringing your team to Little Andromeda for a private performance of Perfuct Storm is an easy and complete solution for an evening of food, drinks, venue, and entertainment. 
Our corporate entertainment package gives you exclusive use of the Little Andromeda bar for drinks, nibbles, and networking, followed by a bespoke performance of the legendary improvised comedy show Perfuct Storm.
If you have an existing team, Perfuct Storm is a great way to celebrate and build on your existing relationships and stories. If you’re bringing your clients, or strangers together it’s a fantastic icebreaker and way to both have a shared experience and learn a little about each other.
Irrespective of these team-building and networking opportunities though, it’s always hilarious and, as the event organiser, that’s what you want to hear as people leave at the end of the night. 
Because despite being Christchurch’s premium purveyors of nonsense we also take our responsibility to make you look good extremely seriously.
Let us do what we do best for you.

Then if your team wants to keep the party going afterward they are right on The Terrace with all of its bars, restaurants, and clubs within easy walking distance.

"Our Teams really enjoyed the three separate performances that Perfuct Storm and Little A put on for us, each show was different and equally hilarious and fun – a real riot! We especially appreciated the extra mile that the Perfuct team went to make sure the nights were bespoke and successful and we all went home laughing and awed by the inspired and quick-witted performance – smart, talented people - thanks!”
- Gideon Du Toit (Transpower)
Michael Bell
Michael Bell
Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns
Emma Cusdin
Emma Cusdin
Dan Bain
Dan Bain
How does Perfuct Storm work for corporate entertainment?

Perfuct Storm takes three of New Zealand’s best improvisational comedians who ask one question of your team, targeted to your industry. In the past this has included things like, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever done to improve yourself?” (for meal box service Woop) or “What’s something you’ve built that you’re proud of?” (for consulting engineers TM Co). 
Then we take all those stories and remix them in front of your eyes, taking elements from one and smashing it into another one, pulling narrative threads out into comic absurdity, and holding up a hilarious distorted mirror to your team.

It sounds a bit curious, but this is exactly what we do in our monthly show. We’re so confident in the show format, and our team’s ability to delight every audience - including your important clients, or deserving staff - if you’re thinking of booking us, flick us a message and we’ll give you a comp code to get into any show free
Be sneaky! Don’t tell us when you’re coming. Mystery shop us. We only use our original team and a small select number of reserve comedians which is why we know that whenever you turn up, at whatever show, you’ll see us at our best.

At Perfuct Storm we don't get any of your team up on stage to embarrass them, or rely on old-fashioned theatre games to get our laughs. We ask one question, get a bunch of answers, and that’s it.  And because everything is generated from the stories told in the room, no one is left behind. Everyone knows all the reference material for the jokes. That might be why we are often described as the ultimate in-joke generator and are so successful at bringing people together.

Would we go so far as to say that watching our show is a form of corporate team-building? I’m not sure, is giving disparate groups of individuals a shared language and enjoyable reference points to create ongoing ease of communication between them team-building? If so, yes! If not, then it’s just Christchurch corporate entertainment at its best. Either way, you win.

Comedian Dan Bain wears a wooly scarf and can be seen through a rainy window checking his diary to see if he is available for corporate performances on a specific date.
Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns
Emma Cusdin
Emma Cusdin
Dan Bain
Dan Bain
Perfuct Storm's Emma Cusdin looks dreamily out of a rain spattered window, drinking a hot drink and wondering if she will need to perform some high quality corporate comedy soon.
A Social Club Event that DOESN'T Suck
Perfuct Storm at Little Andromeda doesn't just not suck, it is actively awesome!
And as the person responsible you know that's important when you're organising a social club outing or staff party. 
It's always a nightmare to please everyone on the team, so let's lower the odds of getting it wrong by using the corporate comedy professionals with:
+ Over 70 years of shared experience performing to corporate, theatre, and social club audiences.
+ The skill and nuance to work out where your group's sensibilities sit rather than just launching into material that may be too risqué - or not risqué enough!
+ The wit and determination to make each performance genuinely unique to your group, not just slotting your details into pre-planned material or old-school theatre games. 
+ Dedicated, exclusive use of Little Andromeda Bar, Theatre, and Foyer for the duration of your time with us. 

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