an image of the performers of Perfuct Storm - emma Cusdin, Kathleen Burns and Dan Bain - sitting at a picnic table. The weather is very ferocious and is blowing them and their picnic into the air. In the distance we can see that the wind has snatched musician Michel Bell's shirt off and blown him into the air.
Perfuct Storm is an improvised comedy show by Burns, Bain, Cusdin and Nelis.
It is produced by Noosed Octopus: Theatre, etc and plays at 8:30 once a month at Little Andromeda on The Terrace, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Unlike other improvisation you may have seen on an evening out in Christchurch, Perfuct Storm is not an old-fashioned demonstration of drama games, or a fumbling attempt to make up a play on the spot. 
Perfuct Storm takes the stories of people in the audience - a couple on a great first date, lovers of sophisticated comedy, fans of theatre, or just people taking a chance on something new - and remixes them all into new and hilarious scenes and sketches. 
The result is wildly funny, oddly personal, and genuinely different every time. 
The best improvisation exists in a state where it’s unrefined, unplanned, and often incorrect… but somehow is perfect at the same time. Burns, Bain, and Cusdin call this state ‘perfuct’ and it is the driving theme behind Perfuct Storm
In this recurring show at Little Andromeda, three of Aotearoa’s best and most experienced improvisors – from a core cast of Kathleen Burns, Dan Bain, Emma Cusdin, and Henri Nelis – ask the audience one question and then on the spot, with no planning or plotting, turn it into non-stop theatrical comedy gold.
Bringing their shared experience as improvisors and their award-winning excellence in the associated arts including acting, writing, directing, and standup, the trio are a formidable combination. Especially when joined by musician, accompanist and Little Andromeda theatre impresario Michael Bell on the keys.
Every month watch lightning strike, not once, not twice, but over and over again as more than 60 shared years of professional improvisation experience blows the roof off of Little Andromeda by grabbing your tickets to Perfuct Storm HERE
Kathleen Burns: Theatrical Magic
Kathleen Burns: Theatrical Magic
Dan Bain: Comedy Magic
Dan Bain: Comedy Magic
Michael Bell: Musical Magic
Michael Bell: Musical Magic
Emma Cusdin: Magical Magic
Emma Cusdin: Magical Magic
If you're planning a fun first date in Christchurch, you'll need to know that your choice of evening activities is going to impress. So, after you've enjoyed one of the many Terrace bars or restaurants for a drink or dinner, head to Perfuct Storm
While Perfuct features the fast-talking, quick-cleverness that you may have seen in shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? or at The Court Theatre's Scared Scriptless it never gets people up from the audience or embarrasses anyone. 
You and your date can both just relax and enjoy each other's company, safe in the knowledge you're both going to enjoy the show, not end up part of it. The performers ask a question at the start of the night and if you'd like to share an answer to it you can. But otherwise, there's nothing else the audience has to do except laugh, clap, and enjoy. 
Oh, and bask in the credit for suggesting an awesome night out. 
Likewise, if you've heard about late-night comedy shows in Christchurch that are like this and always wanted to go, but have been worried about having to get up on stage, then don't worry anymore. Perfuct Storm is just as hilarious, fast-moving, and sometimes a bit raunchy, but never gets the audience up to do anything. Sit in your seat, enjoy your drink, and laugh until you hurt.
We're very confident that Perfuct Storm is one of the best comedy nights in Christchurch. So much so that if you use it as a first date idea and afterwards you can both look Dan Bain in the eye and tell him that you 100% did not have a good time, he'll buy you both a drink to make up for it.
He's never had to do this in three years of shows...  
The image has the three performers of Perfuct Storm - Kathleen Burns, Emma Cusdin and Dan Bain. They are standing in mysterious smoke and look a bit like magicians
Do you love comedy or theatre but are constantly trying to find a show to take a friend or family member along to that you can guarantee will be good? Have you tried before only to have it be disappointing, or not a good example so you have to spend the long awkward trip home explaining how it's "usually a lot better than that"?
Not only does this make your opinion seem suspect, but it makes it even harder to convince someone to try again. But you know the truth, live comedy is awesome! You just need to find a show that takes some of the heat out of the risk. 
At Perfuct Storm we know you come along because you want a guaranteed good night out at a hilarious live show and it's our job to provide that. That's why you can rest easy knowing that in the rare times you don't get the whole team of Burns, Bain, Cusdin, or Nelis you will know that any guest performers will be someone they rate extremely highly. 
Not someone to fill out the numbers. 
Not someone still learning their craft. 
Someone equally worth your price of admission. 
Our reputation for excellence in comedy means something to us. That's why if you're trying to get a friend back into going out with you and they've been burnt before, we confidently raise our hands and say, "Don't worry, we'll win them back for you." 
We're the show that wins back people who've been taught that improv sucks. 
We're also the show that makes everyone in the audience feel like they're part of something magical. We don't ask for random things that mean nothing - or worse, that some drunk guy thinks is funny to shout out! We ask for your lived experiences. Those then become everyone's experiences as we remix them. This re-imagining of shared life experiences through the lenses of three exceptional comedy improvisors is what makes Perfuct Storm special and unique. Oh, and hilarious. 
We are the world's biggest in-joke generator. 
And we want you to become part of it.
We want you to come back time and time again. 
That's why we aren't here to play games. 
We're here to smash it night after night. 
You've already made it this far, so clearly you're the tastemaker in your social circle. 
When are the next performances of Perfuct Storm?
Perfuct Storm returns in 2024 monthly but erratically. 
Follow our Instagram for updates.

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